A sensible solution and a must have product from SVI.

Protect yourself, your family and friends from potential serious injury during boat lift winch wheel operation. One of the biggest safety issues surrounding boat lift winch wheel operation is the ability for limbs to get quickly caught in the spinning wheel spokes. This can result in serious injury such as fractures or even severed limbs. In just minutes and for little money you can install an SVI Spin Shield™ and enjoy greater peace of mind on your dock.

The SVI Spin Shield™ is a patent pending product designed to increase safety on your dock. Lightweight, very durable and rigid UV stabilized polyethylene panels easily secure to the winch wheel filling the voids between the spokes. The SpinShield™ panels allow for full use of the wheel whether manually or if you are using an optional electric drive system. Since keeping people safe around your boat and on your dock is a top priority, no winch wheel operated boat lift owner should be without the Spin Shield™. Installing in just minutes, your Spin Shield™ will provide lasting protection and keep limbs where they should be, on the outside of the spinning wheel.


  Designed for winch wheel
operated boat lifts


Keeps arms and legs safely
out of the spinning spokes

Disclaimer: SVI and it’s Spin Shield™ safty products are not related in any way to the SHORE STATION brand.